These Tomato Crisps are wafer thin and made of pure raw tomato – nothing else – unless I choose to spice it up with some garlic powder, or Celtic sea salt, Tellicherry black pepper (super flavor!), finely chopped fresh basil or dry basil flakes, Italian seasoning, chili paste, etc.

1.  All you do is quarter some ripe roma tomatoes, put them in the blender and puree till smooth.  You may choose to season the puree with spices and blend into the puree – or – keep it plain and lightly dust each tray with different spices for a variety of flavors.  Make as much or as little as you like.  I usually puree 4-8 tomatoes at a time, spread onto trays and lightly dust with seasonings – or before pouring onto trays, I’ll mix in some finely chopped basil which is one of my favorites!  You can use any of your favorite fresh or dry herbs that go well with tomatoes – cilantro, Italian parsley, oregano, thyme, etc.  If you like it spicy – add a little chile and/or a little garlic to your puree.  Be careful with garlic – it super intensifies in flavor and packs a punch when dehydrated!

2.  Pour enough tomato puree onto your dehydrator tray lined with Teflex sheets to spread out a 1/4″ thick layer to within an inch from the edge of the tray.  A flat spatula is a good tool to spread the puree.  Stay at least an inch from the edge to keep puree from flowing over edge of trays.  If it seems a little watery just blot with a paper towel to soak up excess.  If you pour too much puree onto the tray, just spoon it back into the blender until you get a fairly even 1/4″ thick spread.  After forming the puree on your dehydrator tray, pick up the tray then lightly, and gently, shake tray horizontally to smooth out.

3.  Set your dehydrator at 115 degrees.  The tomato crisps should be dry in about 4-6 hours.  Make sure your dehydrator is on a very flat surface, otherwise the tomato puree will slide off the tray and create a big mess!

4.  When the sheet of tomato crisp is fully dry, peel the Teflex sheet away from tomato crisp, then use kitchen scissors to cut the sheet of tomato crisp into any size you like.  I usually cut them in 3″x4″ rectangles.

Tomato Crisps are great with crackers and goat cheese, on sandwiches, crumble into soups & salads, pasta sauces, as a flavorful snack all by itself, and whatever else you want to create with it!  You’ll be amazed by the enjoyable intense tomato flavor of Tomato Crisps.

Helpful Tip:  Freshly dehydrated spices are far more flavorful than store bought.  Grow your own spices – or get fresh local grown organic spices from the farmer’s market, clean and remove stems and dehydrate at 115 degrees until done.