Would you like to have crunchy nuts that actually contain all of their nutrients? You’re just not going to get that with roasted nuts. Much of the nutrients have been roasted right out of them – and then – you’re feeding your body dead food that does little to enhance your body’s life force.

No bioluminescence is left in roasted nuts – all the vital phytonutrients, enzymes and much of the vitamins are roasted out of them and the previously good fats turn to being not so good for you.

Dehydrated nuts on the other hand are packed full of their vital phytonutrients, enzymes and bioluminescence to give your body the nutrient boost it needs to regenerate itself. Do you want a healthy body? Then dehydrated nuts are just what your body needs!

Always start with raw, organic nuts.  I order my almonds direct from a local ranch.  Please note that most raw almonds in the U.S. are now IRRADIATED or pasteurized.  This means they are dead, dead, dead!!!

Once the FDA, USDA and California Almond Board decided almonds were to be irradiated, I noticed the almonds at a local health store looked shriveled and “prune-like,” the texture had changed and the nuts just seemed dead.  I figured they must have been irradiated and quit buying them.  It was then I sought out a local provider.  So, my point being, the labels might say “raw,” but I do not consider irradiated or pasteurized nuts to be truly “RAW.”  So, do find a good source for organic raw almonds.

Here are some easy to follow instructions for dehydrating nuts.

1. Soak your nuts.  This is a crucial step.  The minimum soak time is 4 hours, the maximum is around 24 hours with a couple rinsings during the 24 hour period.  Soaking overnight works great.  Make sure you soak the nuts in pure filtered or spring water.  Soaking the nuts releases the protein coating which makes the entire enzyme content available to your body during digestion.  This is a really good thing, since your body is not required to use it’s own enzymes for digestion – this promotes body health and longevity.

2. Rinse your nuts a couple times after they’re soaked.  Use pure filtered or spring water – you really don’t want chlorine and flouride in the mix toxifying and ruining them.

3. While still wet/damp, you can coat the nuts with a myriad of different seasonings.  You can also dry the nuts off and coat with olive oil – then sprinkle with seasonings of your choice (seasonings stick better with oil coating).  Some ideas are Tamari (wheat-free soy), Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce), ginger, maple syrup (not raw), coconut palm sugar granules, coconut palm syrup, cinnamon, cumin, salt/pepper, cayenne, bbq seasoning, nutritional yeast, seaweed powders/flakes, Italian seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, or whatever spices your palate is tuned to.  There are many combinations – get creative – it’s the spice of life!!!

4. Dehydrate!  Spread the nuts onto a dehydrator tray.  I would recommend using a Teflex sheet on the dehydrator tray to contain any seasonings you put on the nuts.  If you are not using any spices or coatings, simply put the nuts directly on the mesh dehydrator tray without the Teflex Sheet.  It can take 12 hours or longer at 115 degrees F, to get the crunch.  I recommend sampling the nuts during the dehydration cycle until you get the crunch you desire.  If you use a maple syrup or coconut palm sugar/syrup coating – you will have to dehydrate for a longer period.  Make sure not to exceed 115 degrees F, or you will lose nutrients, enzymes and photonic bioluminescent energy.

5. Once dehydrated, place nuts into an air tight, preferably glass container – and enjoy!!!

I use the 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator.  It’s a commercial grade dehydrator that costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $225.  It’s not much when you consider the health benefits you will receive in all the raw goodies you make with it.  Make sure when you order your dehydrator that you also order the Teflex Sheets – Very Important when dehydrating wet or gooey stuff like flax crackers, fruit-nut bars, coated nuts, etc.

My little 10-year old Pomeranian loves dehydrated almonds and pecans – unseasoned or with nutritional yeast/seaweed powder for added nutrition!  She loves them!  I have a buffet tray in the kitchen with a bowl of water, bisquits and a small bowl of nuts.  Our guests get a kick out of seeing Teddy’s buffet of goodies when they visit!

Enjoy better health through naturally prepared organic foods.