Kim’s Picks of hand selected products for optimum digestion.  Simply CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE to go to your Amazon page to order.

Humic/Fulvic Acid Mineral +Immune Boost

Suzanne Somers, in her 2020 book “A New Way To Age”, points out the tremendous health benefits of Humic and Fulvic Acids.  In her health journey, she found she wasn’t absorbing minerals due to mold in her intestines.  Once she started supplementing, she was able to absorb them again.  Having recently started this supplement – I’m already feeling like I’m “plugged-in” with energy!  I opened a capsule and sprinkled a little on my dog’s food too!  Loving it!!!

Digest Gold w/ATP (216 capsules)

This excellent deal is on intermittently – so if currently unavailable – check back – this is the best deal on this.  Great broad spectrum enzyme blend for digesting carbs, fat, fiber and proteins – with the added kick of ATPro which supplies cells the energy needed for good health and vitality.

5-Day Bowel Detox

Master Herbalist, Dr. Richard Schulze created intensive herbal treatments to remedy various body systems.  He found when he started everyone on bowel cleansing – most of his patients symptoms of illness disappeared!!!  Weight loss is also a nice benefit of cleansing the bowel!!!

Bentonite Detox Liquid

Use of bentonite helps our body detox agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and harmful pathogens, while providing an array of minerals needed for good health.  Improves digestion & immune system, helps sick pets, relieves nausea & morning sickness, remineralizes teeth, promotes weight loss, makes a great face mask, etc.!!!  Used internally and externally.

Multi Collagen

Multi Collagen is part of Functional Medical doctor, Dr. Josh Axe’s Ancient Nutrition product line – a doctor who cares about “Real Healing!” Turn back the clock with Multi Collagen Protein – an easily absorbable form of collagen – great for healing digestion issues (leaky gut) and regenerating skin, bones, muscles, brain, eyes, hair, nails & so much more!  Mix in your coffee, tea, smoothies, soups . . . mix in pet’s food to keep them healthy too!

IntraMax Multi-Vitamin

A completely organic, liquid, trace mineral, multi-nutritional dietary supplement, IntraMax’s potent all-in-one formula contains over 415 essential ingredients including Vitamins, Antioxidants, Fibers, Omega 3, 6 and 9, Probiotics, Amino Acids, Herbs, Proteins, and much more!!  One ounce in the morning and your on your way!!!


Got inflammation?  This power-packed supplement supports a healthy inflammation response for liver, brain, heart and immune health of the gut.  Many report reduction of pain and swelling throughout the body associated with arthritic conditions, muscle overuse such as carpal tunnel conditions, a reduction in tumors and severe back pain and much more!

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

The prophet Muhammed stated “Black seed oil remedies everything except death!” when ingested or applied to the body.

Multipot Pressure Cooker

Create organic nutrient-dense meals for family & pets with this amazing pressure cooker – makes super nutritious bone broth (chicken – 3 hours, beef – 8 hours).

Terramin (Bentonite Clay)

Terramin provides a wide complement of minerals to keep us & pets healthy – and eliminates worms in the digestive tract – good stuff!

Digest Spectrum

Excellent digestive enzyme for those of us with food allergies.

Digest Gold w/ATP

Great broad spectrum enzyme blend for digesting carbs, fat, fiber and proteins – with the added kick of ATPro which supplies cells the energy needed for good health and vitality.

Enzyme Defense Extra Strength

This is a great systemic enzyme for cleaning the blood of undigested proteins and pathogens that can lead to inflammatory autoimmune conditions.   Enzyme Defense Extra Strength provides “a clean-up crew” for the body to keep body systems clear and running in good order.

Nattokinase Enzymes

This Nattokinase enzyme supplement in combination with Enzyme Defense by Enzymedica make a super potent immune support duo!

Lypo Gold

Great enzyme for optimum digestion of fatty foods.

Ultraportable Toilet Stool

Inexpensive “stool” system (pun intended!) for proper elimination.  No more need to strain yourself!

Mastic Gum

Excellent natural remedy for acid reflux and h. pylori.

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