As a natural health therapist, I advise my clients to drink plenty of pure clean water – especially after a massage session where it’s crucial to do so for 3 days as the body goes through a soft detox.  When I make this recommendation, many people tell me  “I don’t like drinking water!”  When you understand our bodies consist of 70% water – you might realize that water is essential to our body’s healthful functioning – it’s a medium by which our 70 trillion cells function and communicate.

So, for all of you who claim a distaste for water – I have a really cool way to make water a pleasant treat!  Ok, I know it’s a no-brainer and you’ve probably had it in a hotel lobby somewhere – but have you ever put this in practice in your own home?  Keep reading . . .

Fill a glass pitcher with pure clean water, then add slivers of your favorite fruits into the water, cover, and refrigerate.  Melons make great fruit water as well as strawberries, apples, oranges, guava, and any other flavorful fruits you enjoy – just make sure they’re organic!  Allow a couple hours for the fruit infusion and drink up!  Each time you pour a glass of water – simply fill your water pitcher back up to the top.  I do this for 2 days – then I throw out the fruit slivers, wash my pitcher and start all over again.  If you do this – you’ll find yourself drinking a lot more water and feeling much better as your body re-hydrates.  Much of the pain we feel today is due to the dehydration of our nerve endings – especially back pain – so drink up and feel better!!!

A few years ago, I cautioned a friend to drink water for 3 days following her massage.  A couple weeks later I found she disregarded my advice.  Because of this, her massage sent her into a healing crisis that knocked her down for about a week with flu-like symptoms as her body violently discarded the toxins released during her massage session.  This occurred because she didn’t drink the water her body needed to throw out the bad stuff easily.  I’m not suggesting that this happens to everyone – only those who have stored a significant amount of toxins as in the case with my friend.  I do emphatically state that those who get massage will reap the most benefit of their massage by hydrating properly and easily discarding all the waste the cells have released during the session.  The hydration rule of thumb is to drink half our body weight in ounces of water, i.e. if someone weighs 100 pounds – they should drink 50 ounces of water daily.

I highly recommend reading “The Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. Batmanghelidj, affectionately known and remembered as Dr. Batman – his life story is captivating, let alone his knowledge of water and it’s workings within the human system.  It’s good to know the “why’s” of doing things we’re told are so important to health – so we know the consequences when we don’t.  Dr. Batman’s book will tell you all you need to know!

Drink up!!!