Easily learn to read energy and employ energy techniques that will heal and energize your family, friends, and clients.  Energy balancing and energy healing techniques are great for everyone to learn – including therapists.

You’ll learn:

– how to project energy into the body to provide healing relief within minutes to headaches, injuries, traumas, chronic ailments, etc..  This technique is known to reverse energy from impacts and remove that energy from the body restoring calm to the impacted area and stop or minimize bruising.

– how to read the energy emanations from the body to detect where energy is stagnant, weak, disrupted or right on target energetically.

– how to energize and balance the body’s energy centers with essential oils.

– essential grounding techniques to release excess & blocked energy.

– how to cleanse and strengthen your energy field and release draining energetic attachments.

– simple elements that supercharge the body’s electrical system.

Launch yourself into the next healing revolution!  It’s easy and fun, anyone can learn!

This is a great class to hold at your next health and healing meeting.  It’s also great for a fun get-together of interested friends and family where you’ll quickly learn how simple it is to heal each other!  It’s great for Spas who wish to add a brilliant new range of healing energy add-ons to their list of services.

Class Rates:

Group course: $250 (up to 10 persons / $15 each add’l person)

Couples course:  $150

Private instruction: $100

Class pricing for Los Angeles & Orange Counties.

Contact support@malibukim.com to schedule a class!