In this fun and informal small group event, you will learn simple, effective energy healing techniques to heal oneself and those around you.  You will learn several different techniques – that when practiced – become stronger just like working a muscle!  Imagine seeing a loved one or even a complete stranger in pain – and being able to alleviate – if not eliminate their pain!  This is real miracle stuff of which we all have the ability to do – ‘if’ we know how!   Lead by celebrity health therapist Kim La Chance (Malibu Kim), you will gain skills in:

  • Running Energy and Directing Energy
  • Hands-On Healing
  • Distance Healing
  • Alleviate Pain in Minutes
  • Chakra Energy Balancing to Restore Energy Loss
  • Grounding Energy Techniques

and SO much more…

Ensure your wellness now and into the future by mastering these techniques

Course Location and time:

Sunday, December 15, 2019

1 pm to 4 pm

1101 Aviation Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Advanced Tickets:  $125

Free Parking in outside lot – Dress Comfortably!

Limited to 10 participants – Enroll Early!

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Energy Healing Workshop


About the Event Presenter Malibu Kim:

Malibu Kim

Malibu Kim

Malibu Kim (Kim La Chance), Creator and Host of the Real Healthy Living TV Series, is the founder of her own aromatherapy health and beauty product line and Creator of two workshops:  ‘Self Care Remedies’ and ‘Energy Healing’ providing us with ways to heal ourselves naturally.

Originally from northern California, Kim made her mark in the music industry as lead singer for the acclaimed classic metal band ‘Vixen‘ while living in Hawaii, featuring Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.

In the mid 80’s, Kim relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music in Hollywood. During her time in LA, Kim acquired a professional degree in bodywork and directed her focus into the healing arts.

Kim’s natural healing abilities coupled with professional training quickly positioned her as personal bodywork therapist and wellness advisor to many A-list celebrities including Madonna, Sir Ben Kingsley, Phillip & Jonny of Radiohead, Keith Urban, Christine Baranski, Dave Chappelle, Julia Stiles, Tricky, Gretchen Moll, Zhang Ziyi and many others.

As an Anthony Robbins Mastery University graduate, Kim has combined her health and wellness research with the best personal growth and development technologies available today.

Kim’s award winning knowledge of nutrition, fitness, energy, mental well-being and masterful bodyworking modalities are in high demand in Southern California, where she currently resides and maintains her own health & wellness blog on