Healing Essential Oil Blend (Healing EOB) is one of the main three Health Guardians of my medicinal essential oil blends. Healing EOB heals injuries to skin like you would not believe!  Not only is Healing EOB a skin cell regenerator, but it also prevents infection by eliminating bacteria and viruses on the skin surface which are responsible for secondary infections that delay the healing process.

Let’s take a cat scratch for instance. It itches and burns and is one of the more pesky injuries to our skin that can drive us crazy.  Healing EOB not only takes the itch out, but stops the inevitable infection that results from the bacteria/viruses transferred from the cat’s claw. An interesting story about this is, a small shop here in Southern California who began carrying my aromatherapy line also has a resident cat. The cat is cool to a point – if a customer gets too clingy – the cat may respond with a claw. One customer got clingy – and – got clawed.  If the shop owner had used the Healing EOB after the incident – they may have been able to turn a customer on to Healing EOB – instead of being sued for the infection the customer incurred from the cat scratch.  But, in all the turmoil, the Healing EOB was forgotten and the poor shop owner had to deal with a lawsuit.  Personally, I can’t even fathom someone suing over a cat scratch – but some throw their ethics right out the window at the potential of free cash for their miniscule discomfort – for shame.  This shop keeper is just trying to make an honest, modest living.

I’ve named Healing Essential Oil Blend one of my Health Guardians for a reason. Not only will Healing EOB quickly propel healing of injured skin tissue (cuts, burns, cat scratch, insect bites, paper cuts, bruises, etc.), and, eliminate skin surface bacteria and viruses that cause secondary infection, but it boosts the immune system and calms the nervous system by using it as a daily cologne. Healing EOB will also help you sleep at night by placing a few drops on the soles of your feet — within 20 minutes the oil will travel throughout your cells and calm your nervous system.  Ear problems?  For ear infections or itchy ears, saturate a cotton swab with Healing EOB and gently swab inside and around your ear. You’ll be amazed how much relief you’ll feel.  And, the beauty of it all is, Healing Essential Oil Blend is made of all natural essential oils extracted from Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Ylang Ylang and Tangerine.

Healing Essential Oil Blend is available at our Store – above.

There’s also a sister blend to Healing EOB, called Healing Wounds Essential Oil Blend. I formulated Healing Wounds EOB to tackle deeper skin injuries. My only caution to using Healing Wounds EOB is – make sure the wound is clean! This is a crucial factor – any debris such as dirt, glass, splinters, etc., will be sealed in and fragily healed over in about 24 hours.  So – make sure the wound is clean prior to application!

My personal experience with Healing Wounds EOB is this – I was washing a glass one day and as I was pushing the sponge down and around the inside of the glass – the bottom fell off! My hand twisted right through the bottom and I cut the knuckles of my ring and little fingers. A vein in my ring finger knuckle was cut and spurting – yuck!  Through all the blood, I made sure the cuts were clean and poured several drops of Healing Wounds EOB over them.  I then applied a pressure bandage to my ring finger and a regular bandage to the little finger.  The wounds were sealed over in 24 hours. They were still very fragile and had to be protected for a couple more days – but they healed perfectly without stitches and without the headache of going to an emergency room – which is just not my bag!  I realize that not everyone is able to handle such a situation, so of course, see your physician as you need. Me, I have my full apothecary right here in my bathroom displayed on three little shelves in the form of 15 essential oil blends that handle all kinds of conditions. You can see these blends in our Store – above.

Something interesting about Healing Wounds EOB is that it contains Spikenard essential oil. Spikenard is the essential oil that Mary Magdalene used in the famous story of washing Jesus’ feet after a long journey.

Healing Wounds Essential Oil Blend contains essential oils extracted from: Bulgarian Lavender – my favorite Lavender of all, Helichrysum – provides electrical conductivity crucial in expedient healing, Chamomile Roman – known for deep healing effects, and Calendula and Myrrh – both well known for skin healing regeneration. This blend really kicks up the healing process to – overdrive! You might wonder why? It’s because each single oil has over 100 different naturally created micro-biological chemical elements that each is comprised of. When you combine oils together you get this synergistic powerhouse of natural micro-biochemicals that upon contact with our skin – or inhaled through our nose – you’re giving your body a palette of building materials with which it can repair cells, build new cells, and fight off foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi/molds.

In America with so many people malnourished due to pesticide-poisoned, genetically modified, processed, nutrient-deficient and poisoned garbage food, essential oils can help the body more quickly recover from injuries, as well as jump start the immune system. Aromatherapy is not just for lotions and shampoos – it’s for your medicine cabinet!

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Please note: Healing EOB is not recommended for children under the age of three – only use pure Lavender essential oil in extremely limited quantities as young infants and toddlers can be overwhelmed by the highly concentrated nature of essential oils.  Keep them out of children’s reach.


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