Travel/Purse Size

The Health Guardian Trio consists of Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend (EOB), Healing EOB and Soothing Throat Relief in 1/8 oz bottles (photo shows full size) – these are Mother Nature’s pure unadulterated remedies for cold & flu season and great for all-year-round healing.  I keep my travel/purse size with me wherever I go, healing myself, my family, friends & people I meet along the way.

Breathe E-Z EOB is the perfect remedy for the respiratory system promoting clear, pain-free sinuses, lungs and throat.

Healing EOB is a great medicinal for healing all kinds of damage to the skin (cuts, burns, insect bites, animals bites/scratches & more) and calms the nervous system when worn as a cologne or rubbed on bottom of feet.

Soothing Throat Relief has natural anesthetic oils that stop the discomfort of a sore throat, canker sores, inflamed taste buds, and freshen your breath (great for smokers) while blasting away unwanted viruses & bacteria.

The best solutions have been forged through necessity.  The Health Guardian Trio was formulated because I am one who’s suffered a great deal from a weak immune system – having been a bottle-fed baby brought up on trans fats and canned veggies.  I caught every single nasty virus floating around.  I’d exit quickly holding my breath when someone started coughing or sneezing around me because I knew I was as good as infected if I didn’t.  But if I had to work alongside someone who decided to come in and share it with everyone – what can you do?  Yeah, get sick too!  Thus, the need for these incredible Aromatherapy products to come into being and help everyone fortunate enough to get their hands on them!  The Health Guardian Trio comes in the compact travel/purse (w/ satin bag) size and full size for daily use at home.  Unlike commercially created products, all my formulations are “human tested” on me first and then my beta testers of family & friends — these medicinals have never been tested on innocent animals!

Daily use of these aromatherapy medicinals promotes a strong immune system, supplying a myriad of nature’s micro-biochemical elements the body can use to defend itself against foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, . . .), repair damaged cells, build new cells, stimulate hormonal functions, and many more beneficial biochemical actions that wouldn’t take place without the use of the biochemicals provided by essential oils!  Complete easy instructions on the various ways the Health Guardian Trio can be used to promote health is included with every order.

The full-size Health Guardian Trio includes Soothing Throat Relief Spray (1 oz), Healing Essential Oil Blend (1/2 oz), and Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend (1/2 oz).

The travel/purse size includes 1/8 oz each of Soothing Throat Relief, Healing Essential Oil Blend, Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend and a satin drawstring bag.