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Relieve Back Pain!

Now let's get to the knitty gritty! Just to let you know - I receive no benefits whatsoever from letting you know about this ball. It has helped me through some "tight" spots (muscles that [...]

Stop A Bruise In It’s Tracks With Arnica

Arnica, aka Arnica Montana, is a Homeopathic remedy. Arnica can eliminate a bruise if used immediately upon injury. Basically, the sooner you use Arnica, the less bruising will occur, if any bruising at all. If [...]

Don’t like drinking “Water?” Try this!

As a natural health therapist, I advise my clients to drink plenty of pure clean water – especially after a massage session where it’s crucial to do so for 3 days as the body goes [...]

Want to Breathe E-Z?

Once you try Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend – you’ll never want to be without it!  Breathe E-Z will cut right through the “goo” that prevents us from breathing freely.  I’ve tried this on the [...]

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