For those of us who are able to buy Raw Organic Dairy products, this is a recipe for you!  This makes the most delicious raw organic ice cream ever!  This ice cream has an amazing light caramel flavor thanks to the Coconut Palm Sugar which is a low glycemic sweetener made from the flower nectar of the Coconut Palm, a sustainably grown crop.  You can make this recipe with homogenized dairy – but you won't be getting the health benefits that raw organic dairy delivers in enzymes and good intestinal flora.  With this recipe you will not need an ice cream maker.  If you choose to use an ice cream maker, be sure it is not made of aluminum. 

Homemade Raw Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1.  Place in large bowl:

     16 oz Organic Raw Cream
     2/3 cup Coconut Palm Sugar granules
     1 Tbls Vanilla Extract – or – 1 Vanilla Bean – (beans scooped out)
2.  Whisk well to dissolve sugar, then add:
     16 oz Organic Raw Milk
3.  Whisk to blend.
4.  Pour into glass bowls with lids.  (I use assorted sized bowls.)
5.  Here's the stirring sequence
     a.  After one hour, stir.
     b.  After another hour, stir.
     c.  Every 30 minutes stir – until ice cream sets.
If you do not stir it at all, the cream will rise to the top and freeze.  I usually let the cream rise to the top – then just dig down far enough with my spoon to get both luscious layers in one spoonful – it all works out just fine! 

This is not your typical thick creamy ice cream that leaves you thirsty.  It's actually thirst quenching and makes you feel good instead weighed down.  It's delicious – and oh so good for you when it's raw & organic.

Helpful tip:  Instead of discarding the vanilla bean pod – you can add the pod to your bottle of vanilla extract to intensify the extract, or add it to a few ounces of Vodka to make your own vanilla extract.