First, what is bioluminescence?  It’s energy.  Energy is in everything in varying levels of frequency and light.  Einstein was all over this in his Theory of Relativity. The current standard definition of bioluminescence refers to those creatures that emit light such as the firefly, glowworm and various marine cephalopods.  In actuality, we all glow – most of us can’t see it – but some of us can!  Seeing “auras” around people, plants or animals, is seeing the bioluminescent field – the life force energy of the being.  For those who have never seen an aura, and would like to, see my Helpful Hint below.  I also recommend checking out Kirlian Photography.

If you’ve ever seen a Kirlian photograph, you’ve seen the bioluminescent field emanating from the photographed object – whether it be of someone’s hand, or a tomato or a leaf.  One example I thought was quite amazing was a Kirlian photo of a psychic’s hand and another of a person who smoked cigarettes (with no psychic ability).  The psychic’s hand had a brilliant vibrant glow all around it with blasts of energy extending from the fingertips. The smoker’s hand showed an extremely weak energy with gaps throughout their energy field.  The decreased oxygen, not to mention the carcinogenic toxins, severely obstructs the energy of the smoker as evidenced in the Kirlian photo.

In the plant realm, I just read about a Kirlian photo on Kevin Gianni’s newsletter about sprouts giving off electrical sparks due to the potent high bioluminescent energy they possess.  This energy is derived from photosynthesizing the photonic energy from the Sun and also through the biochemical reactions within the plant derived from it’s planting medium.  To exhibit the change of energy between raw and cooked food, a set of comparison Kirlian photos were taken – one of raw cabbage (vibrant energy field) and one of cooked cabbage (cabbage looked brown with no energy emanations).  What can I say – raw cabbage totally rocks – check out the great recipe for Sweet, Tart, & Tangy Coleslaw under Recipes/Raw on my website – be sure to add this recipe to your favorites!

Currently, the Hippocrates Health Institute is studying the energy fields of different produce to assess the varying rates of frequency.  This understanding will facilitate their ability to treat their patients according to the frequencies of the foods they eat.  Interesting stuff?  Yes indeed!  In their studies they found that wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts have an energy field that extends a couple of feet around them.  These are definite storehouses of power – you would be wise to add them to your diet regimen.

So how does bioluminescence benefit our bodies???  Think about it, aside from the enzymes, phytonutrients, flavonoids, phenolics, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals of say – an apple for instance, the bioluminescence that the apple gathered from the Sun’s photonic energy and the biochemical uptake of nutrients from the soil is transferred to our bodies to generate health-promoting, clean life energy.  (Of course this only applies to organically grown food.)

The quality of the foods we eat (organic is always best, conventional and GMO carries a toxic load of pesticides/herbicides/fungicides), the air we breathe (fresh mountain or polluted, chemtrailed skies), personal care products we use (organic or those containing toxic parabens, sodium laurelth sulfate, etc.), water we drink (spring/filtered/clean well water or chlorinated/fluoridated/high-particulate tap water), will definitely determine how good or bad we feel from year to year.

When we’re polluted, our bioluminescence is degraded, which means it will reflect in decreased energy levels, disease conditions and a quickened aging process.  Conversely, if our diets contain a minimum of 50% organic live raw fruits and veggies, we’re going to be feeling far more alive and energized.  Organic raw food raises our body’s frequency and energy flow.  Don’t let any mass media try to convince you that conventional grown crops are just as good as organic.  That’s just a load of crap for you to swallow along with all the toxic chemicals they spray on that stuff.  (Also, beware of massive marketing campaigns that would have you believe “Corn Sugar” aka “High Fructose Corn Syrup” is good for you!  Poppycock!!!  Most Corn Sugar is made from poison-laden genetically modified corn. Also beware of the new name for “Aspartame” now called “Amino Sweet” – if you want to feel good into your later years – ban these health destroyers from your life!)

In the 1950’s, biochemist and physician, Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered the intense collection of photonic energy amassed in Flax Seed.  She also found that the unrefined oil of the Flax Seed provides high oxygen content and infusion of electrons to cells when combined with the high-sulfurated protein of organic cottage cheese.  She was “curing” cancer patients (whose doctors had given prognoses of a few hours to a few days to live), bringing them back to life with this precious life-restoring combination.  This natural treatment was named after Dr. Budwig as “The Budwig Diet.”  (See my article “Simple Cancer Remedy by Dr. Johanna Budwig” for more info.)  You’ll find my story of how I melted two tumors off my dog’s head in one week with The Budwig Diet.  (Be sure to “Join Malibu Kim” at:  www.malibukimcom to see all posted articles and recipes on the website.)

So, what do you take from this info?  Eat more “live” photonic-rich organic fruits and vegetables to support a healthy life full of energy for you to enjoy throughout your stay on Planet Earth!  When eating cooked foods, which has greatly reduced life enhancing elements, take a good full spectrum enzyme prior to eating to help your body digest it.  At least it will help your body deal with processing and removal – and not deplete your body’s limited store of systemic metabolic enzymes that are needed for other life promoting biochemical reactions.  This will keep premature aging at bay.  Another recommendation is to take a good full spectrum digestive enzyme with your meals – and take the  metabolic enzyme combination “Nattokinase/Serrapeptidase” on an empty stomach between meals to keep your immune system strong and all biochemical reactions that should occur daily – occurring!  Metabolic enzymes are a key vital factor in maintaining health and longevity.

So, go have a nice healthy snack of photon-rich bioluminescent foods today!  It really does a body good!  Bon Appetit!!!

Helpful Hint:  To see auras, you need permission to stare at someone.  A great exercise is – sit across from a friend.  The wall behind your friend needs to be white or a muted light color such as beige.  Sit at least 10 feet away from each other and talk as you would normally.  But, focus your eyes about 6 feet beyond so your friend is a little out of focus.  When you first start seeing auras, you might think you’re seeing things.  You may want to zero in on the aura by focusing in on it – but when you do – it’s gone!  Seeing auras can be learned, it’s like working a muscle.  Just keep practicing.  Another great way to practice is while watching a lecturer – focus your eyes a little beyond them (past their shoulder) and you may begin to see a glow around the periphery of their body – or you might actually see colors glowing around them.  We all have the ability to see auras – it’s like anything – if you put your attention to it and practice- you’ll see them – if you don’t – you probably won’t!  Have fun with it!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

Personally, I don’t trust the FDA or any government agency regarding our food safety.  From everything I’ve observed, they’re supporting the interests of the Uber Cartel – Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Agribiz, Big Chema, etc., etc., etc..