For those who choose healthy living as their lifestyle rather than falling into the illness trap of taking a bunch of chemical drugs, there’s great news!  You can start today into a healthier and happier tomorrow.  It begins by properly outfitting your kitchen with appliances and tools that support a healthy diet.  What are these appliances – you wonder?  Let me show you what I use …

1. High-Speed Blender:  HP3 Blend Tec Total Blender, Vita Mix, or Vita Prep (approx $300-$400 online).  The Vita Prep Blender is a Vita Mix with a variable speed dial, and is the one I currently own and use daily.  From what I’ve read, the HP3 Blendtec Total Blender is more powerful and will fit under your kitchen cabinets, while the Vita Mix & Vita Prep are too tall and take twice the counter space.

2. Masticating Juicer:  SoloStar II   (Approx. $260 online)
I own this masticating juicer, which will juice wheatgrass, veggies & fruits. It also has a homogenizing feature which I use to pulverize dates into a paste – it’s so easy.  I chose the SoloStar II by recommendation from a former staff member of the Esalen Institute. I researched the others first, then decided to go with the SoloStar II due to the longer auger which extracts more juice from the pulp. I’ve found this machine does not juice pomegranates very well. The seeds become like a cement at the end of the auger and will stop the SoloStar II in its tracks if you try to juice more than one before cleaning it to juice another.

3. Excalibur Dehydrator (9 trays) (approx $250 with 9 Teflex sheets, online)
I dehydrate all kinds of crackers, fruits, nuts, fruit-nut-seed bars, chocolate macaroons that are to “live” for!  Everyone keeps telling me I should sell my goodies, but I’m going to do one better – – I’m going to let you know how to do all this yourself!  How ’bout that!  Just check out my “Recipes” and “Healthy Living” sections above.  Make sure when ordering your dehydrator that you purchase the Teflex Sheets for dehydrating gooey mixtures such as Flax Crackers, Fruit Leathers, etc.

4. Food Processor
Usually a $60 unit is sufficient in power, reliability and easy to clean. I use mine all the time to make Tabouli, a highly nutritious mediterranean salad.

5. Salad Shooter (approx $40-$60 for regular and pro models)
Very handy in quickly shredding or slicing veggies.

6. Salad Spinner  (approx $20)
Excellent in rinsing and drying leafy vegetables.

I know a few of these appliances are a little pricey, but they are built to last and will provide many years of good service to help you gain and/or maintain a healthy body, sound mind, and peaceful spirit.  Do a little research to get acquainted with the appliances like I did – there’s a lot of great info on the internet which will give you a good understanding of how they are used.

See my “Recipes” section for amazing delectables that will not only tempt your tastebuds – but totally feed your body high-test fuel!!! There’s no guilt eating these foods, they’re clean fuel for our bodies. Some recipes use the appliances above and others don’t require any special equipment at all such as my Raw Frozen Candy recipe – both kids and adults love it!

No one else is responsible for our health – only us as individuals.  Make wise choices – eat foods that support your healthy body.