Kim’s Picks of hand selected products for muscle pain relief.  Simply click on the product image to go to your Amazon page to order.  Simply CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE to go to your Amazon page to order.

Humic/Fulvic Acid Mineral +Immune Boost

Suzanne Somers, in her 2020 book “A New Way To Age”, points out the tremendous health benefits of Humic and Fulvic Acids.  In her health journey, she found she wasn’t absorbing minerals due to mold in her intestines.  Once she started supplementing, she was able to absorb them again.  Having recently started this supplement – I’m already feeling like I’m “plugged-in” with energy!  I opened a capsule and sprinkled a little on my dog’s food too!  Loving it!!!

Still point Inducer

This original Still Point Inducer by Upledger relieves pain and stretches muscle attachments at the base of the head (occiput) helping to release neck muscles.  It helps to reset the spinal fluid flow, encouraging balance within the cerebrospinal system – releasing stress and relax ing nervous system – reducing congestion, swelling, headaches & anxiety.  Get the original here . . . the copycat brands have issues i.e., slips out from under head, too hard – read the testimonials!


Spine-Worx was recommended by a friend (TV Steady Cam Cameraman) who was hit at 60 mph while at a complete stop in traffic on L.A.’s 405 Frwy.  The young driver was texting!  He said this is one of the best devices he’s used for relieving the tension around his spine since the accident – loosening constricted muscle connections helping resolve pinched nerves from misaligned vertebra.  This device is for those willing to be an integral part of their healing and […]

Serra Rx 80

This amazing systemic / proteolytic enzyme assists our body in clearing the respiratory system of inflammatory buildup, and supports muscle, joint and tissue health & repair.

Nuton Brainfood

Nuton is pure caprylic acids derived from organic coconuts.  Great brainfood and clean energy for the body – brilliant in Bulletproof Coffee, smoothies & salad dressings!

Sombra Cool Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel

This is one of my “go-to’s” for natural pain relief – excellent soothing gel that works quickly and dries within seconds of application!  This is the “cooling” version of Sombra gel.  Check out the “warming” Sombra gel too!  Most excellent products in managing muscle & joint pain.

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