Kim’s Picks of hand selected products for optimum pet health.   Simply CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE to go to your Amazon page to order.

Bentonite Detox Liquid

Use of bentonite helps our body detox agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and harmful pathogens, while providing an array of minerals needed for good health.  Improves digestion & immune system, helps sick pets, relieves nausea & morning sickness, remineralizes teeth, promotes weight loss, makes a great face mask, etc.!!!  Used internally and externally.


Got inflammation?  This power-packed supplement supports a healthy inflammation response for liver, brain, heart and immune health of the gut.  Many report reduction of pain and swelling throughout the body associated with arthritic conditions, muscle overuse such as carpal tunnel conditions, a reduction in tumors and severe back pain and much more!

Rejuva- a-Wafers

Helps digestion & skin health, promotes shiny coat, prolonged stamina and energy.  My dog loves ’em!!!


Great way to keep your pup hydrated on the go!  Press bottle – and water fills bowl – let go of bottle – water goes back in the bottle!

Multipot Pressure Cooker

Create organic nutrient-dense meals for family & pets with this amazing pressure cooker – makes super nutritious bone broth (chicken – 3 hours, beef – 8 hours).

Terramin (Bentonite Clay)

Terramin provides a wide complement of minerals to keep us & pets healthy – and eliminates worms in the digestive tract – good stuff!

Diatomaceous Earth

An incredible source of silica to support health of skin, hair, nails and whole body for us & our pets.  Also, keeps pets free of worms without assaulting them with harmful toxic chemicals!  

Lean Treats

Dogs love these treats!  Contains glucosamine & chondroitin to keep your pet’s joints healthy and moving smoothly!

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