The Two & Two Method takes two minutes and two people – thus the “Two & Two” part of the title. This very simple technique can relieve so much pain and discomfort and it’s effortless and quick.  Just follow these simple instructions:

The “Receiver” sits down in an open-back chair with his/her back to the “Giver.”

The Giver stands behind Reciever and places a hand on each shoulder, fingers on front of shoulders and thumbs over back of shoulders in a firm – but not digging – hold. (Never dig your fingers into the Receiver – you’re there to deliver soothing relief – not add to the pain of possibly inflamed muscles.)

Gently rock one shoulder forward and one shoulder backwards in a smooth and gentle rocking motion. Do this for a couple minutes – sometimes moving hands down to the upper arms and back to shoulders, gently, but firmly rocking back and forth. (To find their comfort zone, ask the Receiver if your grip is too loose, too tight or just right for them – then adjust accordingly.)

You can also do this rocking motion down the center of the back with the palms of your hands, gently moving back and forth between the shoulder blades (spreading their wings!).

On a physiological level, this action gets the lymphatic fluids moving through your tissues enhancing your body’s repair of stagnated and inflamed tissues. On an energy level, electrical pathways open up (also known as meridians). Trust me – you really want this!

If you would like to increase the relief, my essential oil blend – Muscle Relief is available – just go to our shop above. You simply rub a couple of drops of Muscle Relief into shoulders and back of neck.  Muscle Relief penetrates, relieves pain and reduces the heat of inflammation in the muscles.  You’ll love the cooling soothing Muscle Relief!

In minutes, you and your partner can relieve loads of stress from each other. I highly recommend the “Ten & Two” Method as well – ten minutes & two people! Try it – you’ll love it!!!