The Budwig Diet is a cancer remedy that’s simple and the ingredients are on your health food store shelves.  The basics of the Budwig Diet consists of organic cottage cheese and organic flax seed oil, a little sunlight exposure on your skin (without cancerous sunscreens please!) and some light exercise when able. Now that’s about as simple as it gets!  Dr. Johanna Budwig removed people from the hospital who were given a few hours – to a few days to live and restored their health with this energizing combination of whole, healthy, oxygen-rich foods.

Being an expert on fats back in the 1950’s,  biochemist, physicist and physician, Dr. Johanna Budwig warned of the dangers of eating trans fats – YES – back in the 1950’s!!!! Because of her expertise in fats, Dr. Budwig found that by combining a high sulfurated protein such as cottage cheese with photon-rich flax oil, the oil becomes water-soluble, allowing it to easily penetrate the cell wall and provide much needed elements such as missing electrons and ample oxygen to create a healthy environment where disease such as cancer cannot exist.  The Budwig Diet is quite literally an oxygen bomb for your body!  By the way, the Budwig Diet doesn’t just handle cancer – but a whole host of other supposed “incurable” diseases as well.

The basic Budwig Diet consists of:

1 cup organic cottage cheese

1 tablespoon organic flax oil per 50 lbs body mass (example: 100 lb person adds 2 tablespoons; 150 lb person adds 3 tablespoons; 175 lb person adds 3-1/2 tablespoons).

Mash together until oil is fully imbued into cheese .  Optionally, you may then add:

1-2 tablespoons freshly ground flax seeds (use coffee grinder to grind seed)

A dash or more of cayenne (do not use if feeding to pet)

After mashing together – immediately. The Budwig Diet cannot be stored. (If feeding to a dog – be sure to mash it even more since dogs don’t chew much!)

The Budwig Diet is an element you add to your current diet.  Those dealing with a degenerative illness would be advised to remove sugars and anything that converts to sugars in the body (bread, pasta, alcohol, etc.) and eat plenty of organic fresh veggies.

Here’s the amazing results I witnessed within a week of my 18-pound Pomeranian having the Budwig Diet every morning: Teddy had two growths on the top of her head near her left ear that had been growing for about a year. It started out as one hard node and developed into two. These nodes looked identical to a node (looked like a bubble on top of a bubble on top of another bubble) that was a very aggressive cancerous tumor in my previous Pomeranian, Sammy, several years ago. I refused to get a biopsy on Teddy’s growths since the node removed from Sammy (upon serious recommendation from his vet), was found to be a type of cancer that when disturbed, spreads like wildfire and kills quickly. It did, I lost my little guy to a gaping, open, bloody-weeping cancerous wound. It literally ate his left thigh away. It was horrible! So, not wanting to even think of going through a biopsy with Teddy – fearing I’d ignite an aggressive cancer which would take her out sooner – I left it alone.  About a year later, I discovered the Budwig Diet.  I am so happy to say – both nodes completely disappeared by the 7th DAY of feeding her two heaping teaspoons of my Budwig Diet each day! One week – and they were gone with absolutely no evidence that the nodes were ever there in the first place! Every hair on her head was in place – no sores, no bald spots – just a furry little head!!!  Now that’s the beauty of natural healing!  But, that’s not the end of it – Teddy started taking me for a walk – she was so energized!  Prior to her recovery – I had to drag this pup out for a walk!   Once she was healed, she had so much energy that she’d race ahead of me and I’d have to keep up – thank goodness I was energized by The Budwig Diet too!

Please spread the word of the Budwig Diet to your loved ones – no one should suffer mutilations and poisoning with chemicals and radiation – when we can use good foods to actually heal ourselves instead – what a novel idea!  We don’t have to give our wealth and our health over to those who receive a whole whopping 2-4 hours of nutritional training to receive their medical degree.  Keep in mind, everything that goes in our mouth is what our bodies are made of – it’s our fuel – – so the old adage “You are what you eat” is still an absolute physical law which will lead you to health – or to a pretty miserable death by disease. I ask my clients – which would you rather drive — an old jalopy that leaves body parts along the road as your driving — or would you like to drive a well-tuned high-performance vehicle? The fuel we put in our bodies will dictate our health.  Take control of your health – eat organic and strive to make at least half of your meal raw veggies.  Supplementing with a high quality probiotic and a broad spectrum digestive enzyme is also recommended especially when eating cooked foods.

The Budwig Diet is only one of the natural remedies that are effective in creating a healthy body – but I would say – it’s one of the most expedient in providing a stronghold of health in a very short period of time. Many natural therapies take time to see marked results and I don’t discount their effectiveness, but the Budwig Diet results seem to be amazingly immediate from my experience.

I recommend using many different natural therapies – good quality supplements, superfoods, herbs, exercise, organics, raw foods, sunshine, etc. – since many roads lead to Rome as they say!  If someone is fighting a degenerative disease using the Budwig Diet, it is advised not to take any antioxidant supplements – as this will work against the actions of the Budwig Diet.  It’s ok to eat foods that are naturally antioxidant – but no supplements.

One thing to note about flax seed oil is – you must keep it refrigerated. Do not buy Flax “Cooking” oil – I was absolutely aghast when I found such a thing is on the market.  When heated, flax oil turns from really good for you – to really bad for you!  Real Flax oil is unrefined and becomes rancid quickly if not kept refrigerated. Always re-cap the bottle tightly and refrigerate immediately after using. Use within 8-10 weeks of opening the bottle.  You will find organic flax oil at your local health food store in the refrigerated section – I personally use the Flora brand (I receive no compensation for recommending) which is in an amber “glass” bottle.  Glass containers are always better than plastic.

To Your Health!!!  Bon Appetit!

P.S.  See my article on “The Miracle of MMS – It Cured Viral Bronchitis in a Few Hours.”  MMS is a natural remedy for cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, Ebola, Lupus, TB, Colds/Flu, Malaria, etc., etc., etc., . . . all without robbing you of your wealth.